Flat Rate Shipping $5.95 All orders ship from 12105 78th Ave E Puyallup, WA 98373

Company Policies The Fine Print

Payment Options


Payment Options

Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express

(Please note: In cases where the amount of the invoice may need to be increased or decreased due to order changes or price adjustment, some banks may have the policy of withholding the initial authorization amount and the actual amount of the charge for a period of time. Vitalady cannot be held responsible for these transaction holds on the account. This is a matter that must be handled between the customer and the financial institution.)


PayPal payments should be made to orders@vitalady.com

We reserve the right to withhold shipment until the payment transaction has been completed. Due to a recent increase in the number of NSF checks received, a shipment may be delayed until the check is processed by our bank and funds are deposited into our account. This may take up to 5 business days after the deposit.

There is a $10.00 minimum product per order prior to the addition of Shipping and Handling Fees.

Returned Check Fee

A $30.00 fee will be assessed for any check returned to Vitalady, Inc. for Non-Sufficient Funds.

Back Order Policy


Back Order Policy

We make every effort to have sufficient inventory to fill every order. In the event that demand exceeds our normal inventory levels or if our suppliers in-expectantly back-order a product, the following policy will apply. This policy is in effect for orders in the continental United States only, excluding APO and FPO addresses.

If any Essential Items (vitamins, minerals and containers of proteins) on an order are out of stock, we will send an email to inform the customer of the situation and give an anticipated date for the arrival of the items. The order will be sent without these items, and when our stock arrives, we will send the remainder of the order at no additional shipping cost to the customer.

For orders placed on a credit card, the card may be charged for the entire order, including the back-ordered items. This is necessary as we do not have the entire credit card numbers from online orders, and as a result we can only charge a card once for any given order.

When any Less Than Essential Items (herbal and specialty formulations, protein samples, and/or accessories) are out of stock, the customer will be sent an email notifying them, and  the out of stock less than essential items will be cancelled from the order. The invoice will be adjusted to reflect the correct items and charges. Due to the non-urgent nature of these items, we request that you reorder at a later date.

Notation may be made in the comment section of the order page if the customer prefers that in the event of any out of order items, an order be held until all items are available prior to shipping the order. Customers can also call the Vitalady office (253-848-5118) if their preference is to give their entire credit card number to charge any back ordered items separately.

For orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, FPO/APO addresses or out of the United States that include out-of-stock items, we will continue to hold all orders until they can be filled completely. Customers will be notified of the delay by email and given an anticipated shipping date. If the customer prefers to have multiple shipments, there will be additional charges for shipping.

Our goal is to improve our service and make sure that customers get the items needed to maintain health and assist in the weigh loss journey in as timely manner as possible. Any questions or comments regarding this policy can be directed to Don (Vitaguy) by email at Vitaguy@Vitalady.com. 

Shipping Fee Domestic & Export


Domestic Shipping and Handling Fees

We ship using USPS*, UPS or FedEx Ground service. You may select a service at checkout or indicate “No Preference.”  For 1, 2, or 3 day delivery, please contact our office for prices. *However, anyone choosing USPS will be charged full shipping price.

Normal shipping method is ground delivery.

(NOTE: The US Postal Service is used for most packages under two (2) pounds and shipments outside the continental United States. Additionally, FedEx or UPS is used at our option  Unless a shipping preference is indicated, Vitalady, Inc. reserves the right to choose the most appropriate method of shipping for each order placed.

Charges listed below are standard rates for ground service to the lower 48 states

Charges listed are standard rates for ground service, to the lower 48 states based on the total of your order. 

Standard Shipping & Handling Fees as of July 31, 2018 is $5.95 for all orders (unless otherwise indicated in this policy and subject to change at any time):

Anyone requesting or requiring *Signature Required service, there will a be minimal additional charge of $5.00 per order.

Any order not qualifying for the $5.95 shipping will be notified of shipping charges.  You will be able to authorize shipment at that time.  Please note this will delay shipping of your order until you authorize shipping.  When notified you will be given the best price of shipping and what method.  


Export Shipping 

We ship to Canada, Australia, most of Western Europe and other countries on an order by order basis. The customer must assume all additional costs for the shipping via US Mail. We will advise the customer of the shipping cost and options by email after the ordered items are packed and weighed. We require specific approval for the shipping expense prior to actually shipping the order. The domestic shipping rates posted on this website do not apply to these orders. All duties and fees collected by Customs Agencies/Brokers etc. are the responsibility of the customer. Any product returned to Vitalady due to Customs or customer refusal, etc. will result in the product price being credited to the customer, less all shipping fees.  Customer assumes all liability of any orders held up or confiscated by customs.  Once packages have been received by customs, Vitalady is no longer responsible for the package. The customer assumes responsibility for insurance claims for problem shipments with the shipping company. Although we have had good success in the past, with the current state of world affairs, we cannot be held responsible for delivery of your order outside the United States.

We will also review possible restrictions on shipping the ordered items to the requested location. Customers will be notified by email of items that are restricted, and those items will be cancelled from the order.

All items sold are assumed to be for personal use. Orders placed for resale will be cancelled. Payment is to be made in US funds. We reserve the right to hold shipment until we receive funds in our bank. Every order for export will be reviewed and is subject to our acceptance. If we choose to not accept an order, or for restricted products, the customer will be notified by email.

Shipment Damage, Errors & Returns


Damages and Shortages

Merchandise damaged during shipping or shortages (missing items) must be reported to Vitalady within 24 hours of receipt. All damaged merchandise must be kept in the original packing for 10 days subject to inspection by the shipping company. We will contact the shipping company and will issue the customer a credit for the amount of any confirmed damage or missing merchandise after the company responds to our notice.


You must contact us during normal business hours for a Return Authorization Number prior to returning any merchandise. Please have your invoice number available when you contact us. Merchandise must be returned at your expense, unopened and in perfect resalable condition in order to receive credit. The Return Authorization Number we supply you must appear on the package shipping label to expedite your appropriate credit. Credit will be issued based of original invoice value MINUS OUR ACTUAL SHIPPING COST which may be actually more than the Flat Rate originally charged.


We will issue full credit for product returned as required above if returned within 10 days of receiving your shipment. For merchandise returned from the 11 to the 30 day after receipt there will be a 25% restocking fee applied and deducted from the invoice amount. On the rare occasion that we may send an item other than what was ordered, DO NOT OPEN THE PRODUCT, or it will void your right to return it. Please check each shipment as soon as you receive it and advise us of any discrepancy within 24 hours after receipt. 


We will issue full credit for product returned as required above if returned within 10 days of receiving your shipment. For merchandise returned from the 11 to the 30 day after receipt there will be a 25% restocking fee applied and deducted from the invoice amount. On the rare occasion that we may send an item other than what was ordered, DO NOT OPEN THE PRODUCT, or it will void your right to return it. Please check each shipment as soon as you receive it and advise us of any discrepancy within 24 hours after receipt.

Manufacturers occasionally change their production methods and or suppliers, resulting in slightly different flavor. Returns for this reason will be upon our receiving the manufacturer agreement.


***We will not issue credit for the following, regardless of the reason for return***


  1. Product returned without prior        authorization. 
  2. Opened product(s) or that is in other than resalable condition. 
  3. Protein samples. We sell these in small quantities for you to try. 
  4. Product not purchased from us        or that cannot be substantiated by an invoice.
  5. Pre-packaged Regimens. 

Washington State Sales Tax


Sales Tax

Currently, only Washington state residents are subject to sales tax collected by Vitalady. Washington State law requires that the tax be charged based on the current rate of the area to which the product is being delivered. Due to the limitations of our shopping cart, those customers for whom Washington State tax is applicable, our shopping cart will add a standard rate of 11.2 % Sales Tax to your online order. If the sales tax in the customer’s area is different, the rate will be adjusted when the order is invoiced by our office staff and will be reflected on your order receipt. The corrected amount is the amount your credit card will be charged.

We regret this inconvenience. We are continuing to seek a less cumbersome way to assure your transaction is correctly charged. Until that time, thank you for your patience.

Recycled Packing Materials


Recycled Packing Materials 

Don’t be alarmed by what it says on the outside of the box. It’s what’s on the inside that counts. We recycle as many materials as possible. We reuse the boxes from incoming products. We buy overstock or misprinted boxes. So if your box says it contains Popsicle’s, don’t be alarmed.

We avoid using excess packing materials and find ways to recycle items for that purpose. Packing paper often comes to us from a local college library or is made from our local newspaper or shredded papers.  Even packing peanuts are recycled. Of course, all packing materials are checked for cleanliness and are strong enough to handle being tossed around by the shipper.

One great resource we have found for finding packing material and passing on items we cannot use is www.freecycle.org. It is a national online forum to keep “too good to toss” items out of landfills. Check for one in your area!

We also take all plastic and cardboard that we cannot use to the local recycling plant. Hopefully you can think of a way to further recycle our packing material by reusing the boxes, giving children the packing paper to draw on, or making paper mache out of the shredded paper. Also consider recycling or freecycling your protein containers and vitamin bottles.

We recycle because we care and hope you will get into the recycle habit as well.