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Vitalady passes:


Michelle Anne Curran, 69, passed into the arms of our creator on 2/16/19 at 10:05 PM at Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup, WA. At her side were her husband Don and son Ben. 

Michelle, born 10/15/49 in Vallejo, CA the only child of William and Jeanne McLelland. She is survived by her husband, Don, son’s Donovan and Ben Read, step children Kristopher and Michelle Curran, 3 grand and 5 step grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

She was the founder and president of Vitalady, Inc. providing support, information and encouragement to those having and seeking bariatric (weight loss) surgery.

In lieu of flowers, it is requested you donate to Cascade Animal Protection Shelter, Sumner, WA or other not for profit animal shelter in her name.

A memorial service  was held at Hill Funeral Home 217 E Pioneer Puyallup, WA 98372 (253) 845-1172 


Michelle Curran was an early pioneer in the area of weight loss surgery. When she had her surgery in 1994, she became one of the few people to have this procedure. And because of that experience, she also became a pioneer in the field of nutritional supplementation for weight loss surgery patients. Michelle followed the recommendations of her surgeon, Dr. S. R. Fox, regarding recommended supplementation. Searching for the proper vitamins and minerals at a time when the internet was in its infancy was a challenge. As she found the appropriate source for supplements, other surgery patients asked her to order for them. She got the nickname of Vitalady, and thus the seeds of her new company were planted. Michelle went far beyond merely following his advice, however. She began researching and studying. She has investigated all facets of nutrition after surgery. The range of her studies included the function of the gastro-intestinal system both before and after surgery, where various elements are absorbed, the deficiencies associated with inadequate supplementation, and which forms of vitamins and minerals are best absorbed by post op patients. As she learned new information, she adjusted her own vitamin regime, and that of her husband Don (Vitaguy) who had the surgery just one year after she did. As more and more people had weight loss surgery and heard of the amazing Vitalady, Michelle and Don decided it was time to actually formalize their business. Her first venture into e-commerce was in 1998, when her first website was launched. Michelle Curran continues to research and refine her knowledge each day and is a wonderful resource to the weight loss surgery community. As the Vitalady, she is dedicated to each patients’ good health by providing only supplements, products, and information that have met her high standards.


Who or what is Vitalady


About Us at Vitalady, Inc. Our Company We are a small company dedicated to helping obesity surgery patients remain nutritionally balanced and healthy for life. We are not medical people, but wish to share the life experiences of ourselves and many others like us, who are gastric bypass patients. We have lost several hundred pounds and enjoy life to a much fuller extent than we ever thought possible a few years ago. The products we offer have been shown to help many patients who have had obesity surgery obtain and maintain their maximum weight loss, and to look and feel their best. Statistically, we have added many years to our lives by having had these procedures. We believe that by maintaining our weight loss and nutritional balance, we have avoided or reversed the need for repair surgeries, diabetes, lung problems and a host of other ailments. Vitalady (and Vitaguy) are here to offer the supplements we can use to become as strong and healthy as our new bodies can be.

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We offer the ability to set up an Automatic Shipment.

We can modify monthly prepackaged regimens to your specific needs.

Just tell us what you need and we'll try our best, either a special product or service.

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The Taste Of Success  

Did you see we have a testimonial page?   

Your own personal story is the best influence you can have on future members of our community.  Send us your story and pictures if you want, and we will considering it to our "Success & Testimonials" page.


Offering new deals



Single Serving Protein Sample Variety Packs.  You can now try our most popular Chocolate, Strawberry or Vanilla Lovers Variety Packs at a discounted price.  


Yes, we have a new version of Calcium Citrate in capsules.  Bio-Tech Cal-Citrate Only in 250 count and in 100 count bottles.   We also have Bio-Tech Vitamin C, Multi Vita-Min, and Magnesium Citrate, all encapsulated.


Now about the deal.  

Like the ADEK's discount if you purchase at least one bottle each of either New Bio-Tech Calcium, Vit C, Mult-Vit and Magnesium Citrate we will take 10% off the price of those items when we enter the order.  But you need to buy at least one of each.


Do you take the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E & K?  You find that the combined ADEK's products don't meet your needs.   You need a higher dose of one element like D-3 but don't want to change the others.  If you buy them separately  

to the dose you need, might that make more sense?

If you buy at least one of each A, D, E, and K vitamins, we will apply a special ADEK's discount to your order.  It amounts to about 7% saving on those products.  It can't be done through our web site cart, but will be applied when we ship your order and refund the discount to your Credit Card or PayPal account.

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Sharing big news



BSN and Optimum Nutrition have announced price increases from 3-5% on powdered whey protein.  It has been several years since the last increase and I wouldn't doubt that all other brands will follow suit.


At long last we can offer Tender A 25,000iu and Tender D-3 50,000iu in 250 count bottles.  

OK, it's been a while  4/22/19

You have asked for larger bottles on some of our most popular items.  Keep your eyes here for an announcement.  

News today 11/1/18

We have added a pill size graph when looking up products you are considering.  Keep in mind the pills shown are depicted on 1/4" square graph paper and are not actual size.  So are they a "horse pill" something I can handle?  No more guessing or getting something to large to swallow.  Keep in mind capsules can be "opened and dumped"

We will be adding more items as we can.

News today 10/5/18

Good news.  Yeah, all orders including regimens are shipped.  We hope you will understand the circumstances and forgive the inconvenience we have caused you all.  

Again thank you all for  your well wishes and prayers.

News today 8/21/18

I am happy to say thanks to all the well wish's and prayer's from all our wonderful customers I am on the mend.  

I have been in and out of the hospital 3 times since August 7th and as the recent visit to my surgeon, doing very well.

I was diagnosed with a gall stones and had emergent  surgery on Monday.  I got home today.  I most likely take all week to catch up.  

Please understand and know your orders will go out and emails responded to as I can.  Thanks for your understanding.  DC 8/21

The above picture was too cute not to use.  LOL.

You want BIG NEWS?  How about the NEW VITALADY.COM site.  You have been so patient while the site was being re-built.  It is our hope it was worth the wait.


How about more capsule products?  We set our deal with Bio-Tech and are now offering Vitalady Tender Cal-Citrate Only and Bio-Tech Calcium Citrate in capsules,  Magnesium Citrate in capsules, Multi Vitamin in capsule and Vitamin C all in capsules.  With these new items we will be able to offer our regimens with regular size tablets and capsule items saving money AND with mostly sublingual tablets with more capsules which will be a little more money but easier for folks who have trouble with those larger horse pills. 

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Find the Vitamin and Mineral necessary for managing your nutritional  health.  Don't confuse being thin and  healthy.  Have both,.

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