Vitalady Weight Loss Surgery Regimen


Weight Loss Surgery Regimen Info Packs by Vitalady:

DS recommended weight loss surgery regimen info pack $4.99

RNY recommended weight loss surgery regimen info pack $4.99

Lapband/Sleeve recommended weight loss surgery regimen info pack $4.99

Pre-Packaged Weight Loss Surgery Regimens:

An easy way to start your new life after weight loss surgery!  NOW Available:  Pre Packaged Weight Loss Surgery Regimen’s by Vitalady– easy to take on the go. Have you ever said if I didn’t have to count out all those vitamins or If I didn’t have to get them ready I’d be more faithful to my vitamin needs? Well now you can with our Pre packaged vitamin regimens. Let us do the work for you. No fuss, no counting – just take the packets and go.

90 day DS package  for $368.06

60 day DS package  for $254.97

30 day DS package  for  $140.99

90 day RNY package for $297.80

60 day RNY package for $207.23

30 day RNY package for $114.99


Un-Packaged Weight Loss Surgery Regimen’s

Each of the packages listed below is for a 90 day or more supply of each supplement. After many, many requests, Vitalady has developed basic Starter Packages each with their own weight loss surgery regimen. These Packages include Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, as well as Calcium, Magnesium, and Iron. The bypass surgeries have a few additional Vitamins and Minerals.  (The Un-Packaged regimens are sold in the original manufacture bottles.)  Click on the following links to purchase a 90 day starter package by surgery type.



We are not providing medical advice, nor are we a medical facility or affiliated with one. These weight loss surgery regimen’s are based on Vitalady’s research and what she has found to work for her and her husband. This is not to be a representation of medical advice nor is it to replace any advice given by a doctor. As always, please consult your physician regarding your weight loss surgery regimen.


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