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Pre Packaged Regimens

An easy way to start your new life after weight loss surgery!  NOW Available:  Pre Packaged Regimens – easy to take on the go. Have you ever said if I didn’t have to count out all those vitamins or If I didn’t have to get them ready I’d be more faithful to my vitamin needs? Well now you can with our Pre packaged vitamin regimens. Let us do the work for you. No fuss, no counting – just take the packets and go. ***See notes below.

Attention: The pre-packages will now include Tender B 50 complex as a replacement for the previously used Tender B-55 complex. The Tender B50 Complex contains 50mg of niacin and has been known to cause flushing. Flushing is a response to niacin, but it is a non-allergic reaction. If you experience flushing symptoms (exp. redness and tingling), try eating a fatty food such as meat, cheese, or peanut butter, as this may help ease the affect of the niacin. Rest assured that the “Flush” is short lived and should cease within 30-45 minutes.

Pre Packaged Vitamin Regimens:

Click here to purchase the DS recommended regimen info pack $4.99

Click here to purchase the RNY recommended regimen info pack $4.99

Click here to purchase the Lapband/Sleeve recommended regimen info pack $4.99


Click here to purchase the 90 day DS package  for $395.25

Click here to purchase the 60 day DS package for $277.38

Click here to purchase the 30 day DE package for $154.10


Click here to purchase the 90 day RNY package for $313.50

Click here to purchase the 60 day RNY package for $219.80

Click here to purchase the 30 day RNY package for $120.90


Pre packaged regimens

 **Custom Packages are available.  Please contact Don at for questions, prices, time frame, and more information.

Pre Packaged Regimens ***Sample Daily Schedule***:


  • Copper
  • Iron *


  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B-12
  • Calcium with Mangnesium and D3
  • B Complex**
  • Vitamin E
  • Multi Vitamin/Mineral
  • Vitamin D3


  • Vitamin B-9
  • Calcium with Magnesium and D3
  • Multi Vitamin/Mineral***
  • Vitamin D3
  • Zinc

Bed Time

  • Calcium with Magnesium and D3
  • Magnesium Citrate
  • Vitamin B-1

*****Notes******     IRON is to be taken with Vitamin C. Take the Iron and Vitamin C separated for at least 1 hour from caffeine, dairy products, egg, whole grain, other medications and other vitamins and minerals especially calcium.**    B Complex should be a B Complex 50 or higher. Some customers taking our Vitalady Tender B Complex 50 have mentioned feeling a tingling, rashy sensation or redness in their extremities and face. This is a common reaction to the niacin (called niacin flush) which may be present for a short time. While doses as small as 75mg do not typically cause any reaction, some people are more sensitive to this than others. This sensation is short lived and harmless. The reaction may be minimized by eating a small amount of a food with fat in it (such as cheese or ham) just before taking the B Complex.***Multi Vitamin Mineral composition should be similar to Centrum.If you you would like a copy of the schedule for your specific surgery type or have any questions about your specific needs, feel free to contact our Customer Service staff at are not medical professionals. Consult your doctor before starting any vitamin program.

***We are not a doctors office nor a pharmacy.  Purchasing this package is by your choice and for your convenience.  Each pre packaged regimen will have four groups per day, as illustrated on the  regimen.  (***Due to the nature of the packaging, these pre packaged regimens are NON-returnable/non-refundable).