Vitalady only carries supplements she trusts!

Why buy vitamins and supplements from Vitalady?  Don’t know about you but the reason I purchase mine from Vitalady is first and foremost I know she only carries those supplements, vitamins and minerals she has specific knowledge about. She checks and rechecks that the products she carries are in the best available form for weight loss surgery patients. She and Don are both RnYers with a combined first hand experience of about 25 years living the successful life of gastric bypass patients. She and Don test darn near every item in their inventory on themselves and those they don’t test on themselves they check and double check for max absorption. They have dropped items from their inventory when they have questions about the labeling or the content of an item. I know I can purchase from them and be certain I will be not only getting my money’s worth, great customer service, and the assurance that the products will be right for my surgery. Then…… an added bonus, VitaLady freely offers her time to explain what each vitamin, mineral, and supplement does in our bodies and why we should or shouldn’t use that item. Where else will get this kind of knowledge and be assured she’s been there and done that? No where!
Alice McClelland

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