She Walks the Walk and Talks the Talk!

I have personally e-mailed Michelle (Vitalady) twice about supplement issues.  Once, when my Vitamin D hit 9.  And again when ferritin level was very low.  I received a response from her with appropriate suggestions within 24 hrs.  She has also responded to me with the OSSG groups when I have posted to the group sites.  I know that all her recommendations are research based for the unique needs of WLS people. I had my surgery here in Illinois with the Barix Clinic, which has since closed up … [Read more...]


Vitalady Michelle, Vitalady, has always been there to answer my questions about anything dealing with proper vitamin/supplement protocol and specific lab tests as I have needed it over the years since my 12/8/03 RNY.  I am a person who also does my own research, but I found that she was always correct.  The important thing is that in our gastric bypass community, we know that Vitalady can be counted on when we are stymied about what we need to get proper results on our lab tests.  When … [Read more...]

Vitalady Really Cares!

Vitalady helped me figure out I'm distal when I shared my surgery report with her.  She has answered many of my questions over the years, if not personally, then by reading her responses to others in this group.  Vitalady really DOES care!  She is sharing, helping, and has made herself available to answer my important questions. Camellia … [Read more...]

Sugar Free Syrups – What do they taste like?

Sugar Free Syrup Almond Syrup * Almond Roca® Syrup * Amaretto Syrup * B-52 Syrup * Banana Syrup * Black Cherry Syrup * Blueberry Syrup * Brown Sugar Cinnamon Syrup * Butter Rum Syrup * Butterscotch Syrup * Caramel Syrup * Cherry Syrup * Chocolate Syrup * Chocolate Macadamia Nut Syrup * Cinnamon Syrup * Coconut Syrup * Coffee Syrup * Cookie Dough Syrup * Creme de Menthe Syrup * Dulce de Leche Syrup * Egg Nog Syrup * English Toffee Syrup * French Vanilla Syrup * German Chocolate Cake Syrup * … [Read more...]