She Walks the Walk and Talks the Talk!

I have personally e-mailed Michelle (Vitalady) twice about supplement issues.  Once, when my Vitamin D hit 9.  And again when ferritin level was very low.  I received a response from her with appropriate suggestions within 24 hrs.  She has also responded to me with the OSSG groups when I have posted to the group sites.  I know that all her recommendations are research based for the unique needs of WLS people.

I had my surgery here in Illinois with the Barix Clinic, which has since closed up shop and left the state.  Another medicalgroup I contacted for follow-up informed me that since I had paid for the surgery myself, Blue Cross probably wouldn’t cover an office visit and I would have to pay $500 up front to be seen.  Fortunately, I work in a hospital and one of the physicians with whom I work will sign my order for lab work for whatever I say I need.  But I have and will depend on Michelle to help me interpret and address nutritional issues as they arise.  Nobody knows the ins and outs of nutritional needs of WLS people like Michelle Curran.  She walks the walk, as well as talks the talk!
Denise Kennedy

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