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(see testimonial on how Nancy learned the importance of protein post weight loss)

Protein is initially broken down in the upper small intestine, just outside the lower stomach, using an enzyme manufactured there called trypsin. Once broken down, protein best is best absorbed in that first 12 to 18 inches out of the stomach. If the food doesn’t go by there any more, how will you break down and extract the protein from the tiny bit of food you can eat? While you can absorb some broken down (pre-digested) protein throughout the intestinal tract, the most absorption takes place right at the beginning, where ALL bypass and RNY patients are not going to get it.

Supplemented protein is already pre-digested for almost instant absorption. It’s liquid form makes it easier to get in, even into an irritated pouch, and the pre-digestion means you can count on absorbing at least most of it (unless you are very, very distal).

Each person needs a minimum of 60g of protein per day. It’s hard for any stapled stomach people to get it in their food, as the high protein foods are so dense, we simply can’t get enough IN to ever reach 60g. Also, since many foods must be combined with bread or grains to be complete, what happens if you can’t eat bread yet? This is why protein post weight loss is so important.

Protein is best absorbed in amounts of no more than 30g at one time. Professional athletes can do a little better, but for weight loss surgery patients, 30g would be a good try. More protein won’t hurt, but is just wasted. Unless you are very distal, two drinks of 30g each is an excellent start toward a healthy protein intake.

Protein is the main foundation of our health. If the supply becomes depleted, malnutrition will result. But before that, we’d experience deficiencies in many other vitamins or minerals that show themselves more vividly, such as calcium.

Another benefit of protein post weight loss is that it satisfies cravings. While we are losing, the sugar cravings can drive us nuts. Part of it is sugar’s hold on us. Part of it is low protein, very common for any of us and part of it is lack of general nutrition. By being well nourished, don’t’ ever go into starvation mode. It keeps the body thinking everything is fine and it is relaxed about allowing us to lose. Let it go into starvation mode, and it retaliates by hoarding even more calories than before surgery.

The proteins we offer here are all considered “complete” and contain the full branch chain of amino acids, a smattering of vitamins & minerals and are lactose free, as well as very, very low in carbs, sugars, fats and calories. We also try to stick with smooth and tasty ones. The soys are rather gritty, so we can special order them, but do not stock them. The whey proteins are more flavorful, rarely chalky and never gritty. Most will shake up easily in 4 oz of water or sugar free juice or pop. If your surgeon forbids carbonation, flat pop will still give interesting flavors.

Samples for protein post weight loss are available for a small price plus shipping. We encourage all weight loss surgery patients to consider this valuable resource over the usual milk and Carnation Instant Breakfast. Many of us become lactose intolerant after surgery. Milk is quite high in sugars, and low in protein in comparison. For the pouch space spent, the proteins offered here give much more brain satisfaction and more nutrition than milk or any FOOD type of protein and are more “available” to us for absorption.

These samples represent about 20-30g, whatever it says on the label. If it says that 1 scoop – 22g, then this sample is 22g of protein (one scoop). Some brands have tiny scoops, so it takes 2 scoops to reach 30g. Those bags are marked 2 sc = 32g, so you’ve gotten 2 scoops or 32g of protein, for example.

The label is from the only brand whose labels come off easily. While each one has slightly different sweeteners and other stats, generally this profile is what you will find in all our proteins. Glutamine enhanced, lactose free, low in sugar, carbs, fats and high in protein with the full branched chain of amino acids. Protein HOLDS onto muscle, while allowing the fat to be flushed away with all that water you’re drinking!

ProScore 100 needs to be BLENDED with 6-8 oz of liquid and some ice, to taste. It doesn’t shake well at all, but it is OH SO WORTH the blending!

All others will shake up nicely in 4 oz of water. For variety, you can add them to Crystal Light or Diet Ice or Sobe Lean or any other sugar free juices. The ProBlend 55 vanilla is FABULOUS with diet root beer or diet orange pop, but I don’t recommend shaking those unless you are CERTAIN the pops are flat. And yes, flat diet pop is safe. Blending them also takes out the carbonation if you blend them thoroughly.

Yes, you can add fruit chunks when your doctor allows, but watch the sugar! We never add them to milk. Bear in mind that these products are made for body builders and weight trainers, as well as professional athletes. They are designed to put weight ON if used with milk!

No one really can absorb more than 30g (or so) at one time, except professional athletes. We recommend a 30g “dose” for breakfast and during your mid-afternoon “sleepies” to get the most benefit if you are trying to get 60g per day. If you are a distal, 30g every 2 or 3 hours will get the required amount for you. You can mix up more grams and drink at one time, but you are merely buying the protein, not really getting the benefit of it. It is not advisable to mix it up in advance, as we know
it loses its protein integrity (but how much?), and it begins to gather bacteria after as little as 30 minutes. Even refrigerated in a tightly sealed container is no guarantee that you’ll be getting the full safe dose you hope for.

We hope that you’ll find one or more brands that you enjoy for your maximum weight loss and best possible health!We also hope that you have a better understanding on why protein post weight loss is so important.


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Testimonials: Protein Post Weight Loss

“I had a very rough first six months, constant throwing up, tearful, hungry, shaky, almost in a state of panic because I could not keep down food AND my weight loss was very slow. I could stomach sugar free Carnation Instant Breakfast with skim milk and thought I was doing well for myself. Then I found this group and the powerful whey protein supplements.

Once I learned how to make them palatable I leaned on them for virtually ALL my protein nutrition. I quit throwing up and crying everyday. I quit feeling panicked and hungry all the time. Finding that stability and equilibrium allowed me to begin experimenting with eating a bite of food here and there. One bite did not make me sick and I felt no need to eat more than one bite.

Over the past six months I’ve learned to eat again without being sick. Tiny amounts, chewing well, relying on shakes when my pouch feels “grouchy” and knowing it’s ok cause I don’t “need” food that day.

My surgeon warned us that if we “ate ice cream and potato chips everyday we would regain our weight.” Ok, I heard that and determined not to do that.

What he did not discuss and what did not occur to me was that ALL simple carbs were harmful to my weight loss process. Dense protein foods were very painful and hardly ever stayed down. I was living on mashed potatoes & gravy, cheese toast, and sugary carbs. Listening to the experiences here and drinking the protein shakes has completely turned my life around. I’ve lost 82 pounds and remain 85 pounds from goal, but I’m much healthier and happier since discovering the shakes. It takes a bit of perseverance. I can honestly say I LOVE the taste of shakes now, but at first I thought they were the most disgusting things imaginable.”

Nancy B


note: the group that is referred to is the OSSG-Protein group,

which can be found at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OSSG-Protein/.