Michelle, Vitalady, has always been there to answer my questions about
anything dealing with proper vitamin/supplement protocol and specific lab
tests as I have needed it over the years since my 12/8/03 RNY.  I am a
person who also does my own research, but I found that she was always
correct.  The important thing is that in our gastric bypass community, we
know that Vitalady can be counted on when we are stymied about what we need
to get proper results on our lab tests.  When someone comes to us with
serious issues because of improper supplementation over the years post-op,
Michelle helps guide them back to good health.  I remember hearing from some
and thinking that they would never recover, but they are still with us and
doing much better because they took her advice.
On a personal note, I count on Vitalady to have some of the essential and
hard to find supplements that we need. I would be in a major panic if she
were not there with these products.  I have had many deficiencies that were
diagnosed post-op (once I got a doctor to order the lab tests that she
suggested) and they are all in normal ranges now.  I am incredibly grateful
for Vitalady’s continued devotion to our needs as a community.
Sandra Ball

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