Michelle and Don Saved My Life!

I had my first gastric by-pass surgery 2/12/2002 and pretty much had trouble with it from the get-go.  I was reading the Grads list before I even had my surgery and was so thankful for it. I never lost the amount of weight that I should have and when I started to rapidly put weight on, my surgeon said that I had a self-esteem issue and handed me a card for a shrink.  I quickly reminded him that I was in therapy before I even saw him about surgery and that it was also a pre-requisite from him for the surgery.


In March of 2005, I headed off to Seattle and began one of the incredible 4 weeks of my life.  I stayed with Michelle and Don and I saw their surgeon, Dr. Oh.  Dr. Oh made me feel that I wasn’t stupid or a freak, he understood that people with many years of obesity and a long family history of it have different problems than some others and need a bit more “severe” surgery.  On March 10, 2005, I had my revision. I know Michelle was worried about me, but knew I was in good hands.


Michelle told me from the beginning that she wanted me to stay a month (at her house) just in case there were any complications.  The knowledge, encouragement and kindness while I was there overwhelmed me.  I hadn’t felt that cared for in a very long time.
In 2007, I was very sick and ended up in the hospital.  I was very malnourished along with a bunch of other things. Michelle talked with my brother and the 2 of them started me back on the road to good health.  I have to say that when I was in the hospital I was having a little fun… at every meal the dietician would send Boost or Ensure on my tray… and after every meal it would go right back to the kitchen. LOL  My brother learned how important the right protein was to my health, so he brought in my Champion Pure Whey Stack and a shaker.  I was drinking the right protein shakes then.


In many ways, Michelle and Don Curran saved my life, and that is no exaggeration.  I would also like to thank both of them.
Ruth Corrigan

Hope Valley, RI


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