Meet the Vitacouple

The VitaCouple

Both had Distal Gastric Bypass (RNY) performed by Dr. S.R. Fox in Tacoma, WA.  Vitalady, Michelle Curran had her surgery on October 5, 1994 and Vitaguy, Don Curran had his surgery on October 24, 1995.  At the time of their surgeries, Michelle weighed 262 lbs and Don weighed 285 lbs.  They have succesfully kept their weight off since their surgeries.  Statistically the vitacouple have added several years to their lives by having done these procedures.

As active members in the Bariatric community, the VitaCouple have enjoyed sharing their information and findings to anyone who wants to learn more about the bariatric journey.  They have spent thousands of hours on the road traveling each year, meeting with individuals and groups sharing their knowledge and experiences as they travel to and from conferences.  Each summer you can follow the VitaCouple, on their annual Vita Tour, as they tour the states meeting each of you.  You can also read about the vitacouples experiences as they blog along the way.

Though they are not medical professionals, it is important to them to assist others to live a nutritionally balanced and healthy life.   They believe that by maintaining weight loss and nutritional balance, one can avoid or reverse the need for repair surgeries, diabetes, lung problems, and a host of other ailments.  The VitaCouple are here to offer their support,  findings, and the supplements the bariatric community can use to become as strong and healthy as our new bodies can be.

VitaCouple BEFORE
VitaCouple AFTER
Vitacouple before Vitacouple after

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