I Haven’t Met Another Person with Such a Big Heart!

I had gastric bypass surgery March 1, 2005. I lived in Ft. Campbell, KY at the time. My surgery was complicated and the long story short about it was I almost died after surgery. I had to have emergency surgery the 2nd day to repair a leak. I spent 18 days in ICU and 2-1/2 months at home on bed rest. To say the least, I wasn’t in the best health after surgery. It didn’t get better until after I met Michelle. At a support group meeting in Kentucky, it was mentioned that Vitalady is a place to go for your vitamins and protein. And so I started buying protein from her via her website. I joined the yahoo group Grads-OSSG in 2008. My first post was a question about B-12 and Michelle (Vitalady) was the first to respond. I didn’t know Michelle personally until I moved from Ft. Campbell, Kentucky to Ft. Lewis, Washington. I started to attend support group meetings at her house that she holds each month. My labs were so out of whack and I was feeling terrible. I was exhausted, body aches, head aches and memory loss. At a meeting Michelle offered to read my lab results and was shocked at the numbers. The same labs that my doctor said was fine and I was fine. This wasn’t at all the case. Michelle was worried about my health without even knowing me very well. I took Michelle’s suggestions on vitamins. I did have to get an Iron Infusion 2 years ago because my iron was too low to come back up with supplements on its own, and I had to convince my doctor to give me B-12 shots so my number never went down to 147 again. But after following the vitamin plan and the iron infusion, I started feeling better and my labs showed results in most places. I do have a hard time keeping my B-12 and iron in check, but they are so much better following Michelle’s advice. And if I slip and stop taking my vitamins or protein, it really shows in my labs. But the doctors still just tell me to take a multi-vitamin and prescribe me a B-12 shot for once a week. I don’t know if I would be here today without Michelle’s concern for my health and pushing me to fight with the doctors to get the iron infusion and B-12 shots. Plus, Michelle has never asked for anything in return for any of her help to me. BUT she did earn a loyal friend and customer! I will go out of my way to drive to Vitalady’s to get my vitamins and protein because she will never suggest or sell anything that could do harm to a gastric bypass patient. She cares for each and everyone of us she meets in person or online. She holds support group meetings and helps anyone that attends that ask for her help. She answers any email asking for her help. I haven’t met another person with such a big heart!
Jamie Griffis
Tacoma, Washington

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