I Appreciate Her Knowledge!

I recently got hooked up with Michelle (Vitalady) to go over my lab work being 1 year post op.  She took the time to tell me what I was low/lacking and gave me a detailed list of the vitamins I need to stay on track.  I appreciated the fact that she was willing to go that extra mile for a stranger.  I then placed an order on her site because she has vitamins/minerals that no one else has.  That really helps me so much to continue on my gastric bypass journey.  What worried me the most was thinking I would end up being low in one or more areas after having the results of my bloodwork done and having to deal with that.  She set my mind at ease by telling me step by step/time by time when to take what vitamin/mineral and how many.
I wait for my delivery and will breath a sigh of relief once I get myself on track.  I want to continue to keep my numbers where they are now and raise the ones that showed they were low.  I plan to retest in May and will be sending those results back to Michelle for a follow up.  Just knowing she’s there and you can count on her means the world to me.  I appreciate her knowledge and willingness to help each and everyone of us.

Sally Tetreault

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