Protein Bars

Healthy Protein bar vitalady

Want a snack? Craving some legal chocolate? Dying to make your favorite pre-op recipes but haven’t figured out how to do it without milk or sugar? We can help with our Healthy Protein bars!!

Federal labeling regulations have changed as of 1/1/02. “It wasn’t a carb yesterday but today it is, says Michelle.” Some non sugar low impact carbs, (sugar substitutes), are now considered to be a carbohydrate. Contents in the protein bars and sugar free candies are the same as before 1/1/02. However, for labeling purposes the labels may now show that the carbs have jumped extremely high.

We do not have the ability to “cold pack” products. Customer ordering bars for shipment into warmer climates do so at their own risk. Often putting “soft” bars into your refrigerator will restore it’s texture.

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