I Haven’t Met Another Person with Such a Big Heart!

I had gastric bypass surgery March 1, 2005. I lived in Ft. Campbell, KY at the time. My surgery was complicated and the long story short about it was I almost died after surgery. I had to have emergency surgery the 2nd day to repair a leak. I spent 18 days in ICU and 2-1/2 months at home on bed rest. To say the least, I wasn't in the best health after surgery. It didn't get better until after I met Michelle. At a support group meeting in Kentucky, it was mentioned that Vitalady is a place to go … [Read more...]

Vitalady is my Vital Source of Information

I've had good contact with Michelle the Vitalady regarding vitamins, proteins and other WLS topics, like dumping.  I feel that my health, as a result, is good and I have not had any ill effects since my weight loss surgery in 2002.  Michelle is a VERY vital source for information regarding our optimium health and well-being. Fran Welstand Pinole, CA … [Read more...]

She is Such a Caring Person.

Even though I have never met Michelle, through emails we have talked. She is such a caring person.  She will study your labs and then say " This is not a medical opinion but this is what I would do....".   Michelle has been through the same type of surgery and she understands my needs. She always goes above and beyond with helping people make the correct decisions in vitamin and protein choices. Therese … [Read more...]

Michelle and Don Saved My Life!

I had my first gastric by-pass surgery 2/12/2002 and pretty much had trouble with it from the get-go.  I was reading the Grads list before I even had my surgery and was so thankful for it. I never lost the amount of weight that I should have and when I started to rapidly put weight on, my surgeon said that I had a self-esteem issue and handed me a card for a shrink.  I quickly reminded him that I was in therapy before I even saw him about surgery and that it was also a pre-requisite from him for … [Read more...]

Vitalady only carries supplements she trusts!

Why buy vitamins and supplements from Vitalady?  Don't know about you but the reason I purchase mine from Vitalady is first and foremost I know she only carries those supplements, vitamins and minerals she has specific knowledge about. She checks and rechecks that the products she carries are in the best available form for weight loss surgery patients. She and Don are both RnYers with a combined first hand experience of about 25 years living the successful life of gastric bypass patients. She … [Read more...]

I Appreciate her Kindness

I had an Rny in 2003 and began hearing about Vitalady and reading her posts on a yahoo group message board.  She held a rock star image in my mind as being a beautiful and successful post-op of weight loss surgery and for her incredible knowledge regarding nutritional needs.  ...  Michelle became a dear friend, coach, and lifeline for me after I had a revision to ERNY in 2007 that left me in pain, depressed and suffering with malnutrition.  With her help and support, I was able to improve my … [Read more...]

I Appreciate Her Knowledge!

I recently got hooked up with Michelle (Vitalady) to go over my lab work being 1 year post op.  She took the time to tell me what I was low/lacking and gave me a detailed list of the vitamins I need to stay on track.  I appreciated the fact that she was willing to go that extra mile for a stranger.  I then placed an order on her site because she has vitamins/minerals that no one else has.  That really helps me so much to continue on my gastric bypass journey.  What worried me the most was … [Read more...]

Michelle has been a Lifesaver!

Michelle (Vitalady) has been a life saver.  She always responds to emails personally, and she always has an idea (backed up by a TON of research) to help me get back on the right path.  She puts ethics before profit, and that is a huge testimony to her character.  As a new post-op, I was able to ask her questions that my doctors didn't have time or patience to answer (and didn't really know the answer to, anyway!).  I am honored to consider her a friend. Michelle Bowden … [Read more...]

She Walks the Walk and Talks the Talk!

I have personally e-mailed Michelle (Vitalady) twice about supplement issues.  Once, when my Vitamin D hit 9.  And again when ferritin level was very low.  I received a response from her with appropriate suggestions within 24 hrs.  She has also responded to me with the OSSG groups when I have posted to the group sites.  I know that all her recommendations are research based for the unique needs of WLS people. I had my surgery here in Illinois with the Barix Clinic, which has since closed up … [Read more...]


Vitalady Michelle, Vitalady, has always been there to answer my questions about anything dealing with proper vitamin/supplement protocol and specific lab tests as I have needed it over the years since my 12/8/03 RNY.  I am a person who also does my own research, but I found that she was always correct.  The important thing is that in our gastric bypass community, we know that Vitalady can be counted on when we are stymied about what we need to get proper results on our lab tests.  When … [Read more...]