About Vitalady

Michelle Curran vitaladyMichelle Curran The Vitalady

Michelle Curran was an early pioneer in the area of weight loss surgery. When she had her surgery in 1994, she became one of the few people to have this procedure. And because of that experience, she also became a pioneer in the field of nutritional supplementation for weight loss surgery patients.

Michelle followed the recommendations of her surgeon, Dr. S. R. Fox, regarding recommended supplementation. Searching for the proper vitamins and minerals at a time when the internet was in its infancy was a challenge. As she found the appropriate source for supplements, others surgery patients asked her to order for them. She got the nickname of Vitalady, and thus the seeds of her new company were planted.

Michelle went far beyond merely following his advice, however. She began researching and studying. She has investigated all facets of nutrition after surgery. The range of her studies  included the function of the gastro-intestional system both before and after surgery, where various elements are absorbed, the deficiencies associated with inadequate supplementation, and which forms of vitamins and minerals are best absorbed by post op patients. As she learned new information, she adjusted her own vitamin regime, and that of her husband Don (Vitaguy) who had the surgery just one year after she did.

As more and more people had weight loss surgery and heard of the amazing Vitalady, Michelle and Don decided it was time to actually formalize their business. Her first venture into ecommerce was in 1998, when her first website was launched.

Michelle Curran continues to research and refine her knowledge each day and is a wonderful resource to the weight loss surgery community. As the Vitalady and  Wellness consultant, she is dedicated to each patients’ good health by providing only supplements, products, and information that have met her high standards.