About Us at Vitalady, Inc.

Our Company

We are a small company dedicated to helping obesity surgery patients remain nutritionally balanced and healthy for life. We are not medical people, but wish to share the life experiences of ourselves and many others like us, who are gastric bypass patients. We have lost several hundred pounds and enjoy life to a much fuller extent than we ever thought possible a few years ago.

The products we offer have been shown to help many patients who have had obesity surgery obtain and maintain their maximum weight loss, and to look and feel their best. Statistically, we have added many years to our lives by having had these procedures. We believe that by maintaining our weight loss and nutritional balance, we have avoided or reversed the need for repair surgeries, diabetes, lung problems and a host of other ailments.

Vitalady (and Vitaguy) are here to offer the supplements we can use to become as strong and healthy as our new bodies can be.

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Policy Statement

We are not affiliated with any medical organization.

The products we sell have been found particularly helpful to gastric bypass patients; however, all the products are simply available for general use. We carry the most easily absorbable forms or protein and vitamins.

Because we ourselves are gastric bypass patients, some of our recommendations may be helpful. We are not qualified nor do we claim to give medical advice.

In our efforts to keep the price as low as possible, we will try to fill special orders, but may require payment in advance.

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We cannot and do not give medical advice, nor are we affiliated with any medical organization.

Please be sure to read our Company Policies, including information about shipping and returns to learn more about us.